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Physiotherapy department is one of departments that is responsible for management of different conditions as per the formulated treatment plan. Services for both the children and adults are provided.

Conditions like low back pain, arthtralgia, myalgia,  joint stiffness ,Bells Palsy, Facial palsy, hemiplegia, paraplegia and fractures in adults are managed.

Conditions like celebral palsy, delayed milestone, foot drop, post fracture stiffness, Genu Valgu, Genu Varus and Clubfoot are managed among the children.

Majorly the department provides pre-operative and post-operative care services to the inpatient clients.

The following;

  1. Assessing patient’s needs to plan for treatment plan.
  2. Provision of therapeutic exercises to both inpatient and outpatient clients.
  3. Provision of manual therapy and electrotherapy services to inpatient and outpatient clients.
  4. Conservative management of clients with Genu Valgum , Genu Varus and CTEV through P.O.P manipulation .
  5. Apply and change of P.O.P operatively together with the plaster technician to inpatient and outpatient clients.
  6. Carrying out ambulation and gait training to clients with impaired lower limbs function.
  7. To be involved in outreach programs as per the needs and when it is required.
  1. Provision of guiding and counseling services to parents, outpatient and inpatient clients.
  2. Educating patients, family members and the community on how to prevent injuries and to live a better