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In orthopaedic workshop we have two section; 

  1. Prosthetics
  2. Orthotics


In this section we fabricate artificial limbs both upper limb and lower limb, these appliances are meant to replace a missing part of the body due to Trauma, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Road traffic accidents, Snake bites and many conditions that can lead to amputation 

As  illustrated below 

.1.Above the knee prosthesis 

2.Below the knee 

3.Knee dis articulation 

4.hand prosthesis 


This section further divided into two 

  1. Leather
  2. Metal

In this section we fabricate appliances which are meant for supporting , Fixing, Compensate, align and correct deformities due to post polio paralysis, Neurological conditions like S.B,C.P,CTEV,Spinal conditions like Scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and Lower back pain, Leg deformities like Genu valgum and Genu varum 

Appliances Fabricated under this section are; 

AFOs, KAFOs, SMO, H KAFO, Allium splint, Spinal Braces, Hybrid HKAFO, MERMAID SPLINT 



We Fabricate  surgical boots, special boots, normal boots, shoe inlays, shoe raise that are meant to relieve pain, Accommodation deformities that resulted from lack of earlier treatment I.e  neglected clubfoot to  provide comfort I.e diabetic clients, compensation in leg length discrepancy by shoe raise and correcting of feet conditions like flat foot, painful heal and others by use of shoe inlays as illustrated below ; 



Here we fabricate walking braces know as calipers to help individuals with weak limbs to come back to their daily activities .these conditions may result from post polio paralysis and other congenital deformities